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Premier Surface Systems proudly offers concrete and asphalt repair materials that are engineered to provide a strong permanent repair.  The products are easy to apply and ready for traffic in minutes, not hours or days.  Whether you’re fixing roads, bridges, airstrips, parking lots, stairs, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, etc., our products will save time, money, and the inconvenience of the many temporary repair materials now on the market.

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We have been approached by countless companies claiming to be able to fix concrete and asphalt, and we have tried no less than 3 products hoping they would perform as claimed. The Premier Concrete Repair product is the first product we have tested that actually works as claimed. Granitite offers us an easy solution to coat any surface we need, removing the risk of slipping at entryways, walkways, and even inside of the airport hangars. The Premier Team was professional, fast-working, and extremely well versed in all aspects of surface repair, products, and our needs. We will continue to use them for all of our repair/resurfacing needs and would strongly encourage any company with concrete, asphalt, or non-slip repair needs. The work will speak for itself.


In our production facility we have multiple areas that continually suffer from excessive wear and tear, which is especially apparent in the areas where our heavy equipment causes the worst failures. In the past we have tried a multitude of concrete repair products and each inevitably fails after typically three to seven days. We applied the Premier Concrete Repair Product (called Premier Road & Bridge) to these high traffic areas, and it is the first product that has held up. The Premier Concrete Repair Product has been in place for more than three months and looks the same as the day it was installed, showing no signs of cracking or even any wear whatsoever. 

Phil Visser, General Constructors Inc

Very pleased with this concrete patch product. I was going to have to replace an entire large section of concrete but was able to use this patch product instead. Cars have been driving on the patch and it has held up just as good as fresh concrete with no cracking. Will definitely be using more of this product.

Jay Tew, Pacific Living Properties

We are using it and find it to be very useful in many applications. I will vouch for the wonders of this product.

Don Clauson, CEO Strat Property Management Inc.