Road Repair Made Easy

Premier Road and Bridge is a must have product for commercial contractors, any sector in the Department of Transportation, municipalities and any other business requiring constant road repairs.

Aquaphalt is a pre-mixed environmentally-friendly permanent Asphalt repair product that activates with water and offers you an industry leading 3-year warranty. This product is enduring and high-performing, ideal for permanent pothole repairs.

Ideal For Countless Surfaces

Refinish rather than replace. We work with only the finest resurfacing products to restore beauty to your surfaces, making them feel brand new all over again.

  • Circle Check Icon Airport Runways
  • Circle Check Icon Gas Station Islands
  • Circle Check Icon Highways/Freeways
  • Circle Check Icon Parking Lots
  • Circle Check Icon Bridges/Joint Repair
  • Circle Check Icon Storage Areas
  • Circle Check Icon Industrial Complexes

Gas station island repair using Premier

Apartment community laundry room repair using GraniTite

Stair repair using Premier

Quick & Cost-Effective Repair

Premier’s Concrete Repair products are a must have for property owners & managers of apartments, storage & other businesses.

  • Eliminates the need for temporary repairs
  • Easy for maintenance and contractors to apply
  • Solves liability concerns
  • Fast curing times
  • High tensile, flexural comprehensive strength