Asphalt and Concrete Repair

Our Concrete and Asphalt Repair is the ideal product for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. Damaged concrete or asphalt can now be permanently repaired rather than replaced, saving you time and money, and reducing the environmental impact. Because of the fast cure time, these repairs can re-open roads traffic in minutes with minimal disruption to employees, customers, or community members.

Effectively binds to concrete, asphalt, and even metal surfaces like bridge joints.

Premier Road and Bridge Products

Road and Bridge Repair is the “go to” product by State D.O.T.’s, County Highway Departments, City Highway Departments, Airports, Sea Ports and any authority responsible for maintaining roads, bridges, sidewalks, and more.

“The Premier Concrete Repair product is the first product we have tested that actually works as claimed. Not only does the product bind to the existing concrete, but it also cures to strengths much greater than that of the concrete itself, while still maintaining elongation qualities, meaning it does not crack and fail like most concrete repair products. “

– Jay Keister, Boeing Field  (KBFI)