Our concrete and asphalt repair product has advantages over other products in the market for a number of applications. This fast setting polymer produces extremely hard repairs that are considered to be permanent. Due to quick cure times, lower labor costs and fixes that are permanent, Premier is the ideal choice for concrete repairs and asphalt patching.

Road and Bridge

Road and Bridge is a concrete and asphalt polymer-resin must-have repair product for contractors, government agencies and anyone responsible for repairs and maintenance of concrete and asphalt to roads and parking lots. Thermosetting resins are used in our polymer concrete and asphalt repair products. These resins have a high thermal stability and resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. Our polymer concrete and asphalt repair materials are composed of high quality resin and aggregates that provide an extremely versatile repair solution.

Here are some reasons why Premier is the solution to your concrete and asphalt needs:

  • Easy to Apply
  • Sets Up Fast
  • Surface Ready in 30 Minutes to 2 Hours
  • Rapid Curing at Ambient Temperatures
  • High Tensile, Flexural, and Compressive Strength
  • Good Adhesion to Most Surfaces
  • Good Long-Term Durability
  • Low Permeability to Water and Aggressive Solutions
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Light Weight (Less Dense Than Traditional Concrete, Depending on Resin in Mix)
  • Cost Effective